HTML5 Popups!

Old school HTML fellows know how annoying popups can be. It’s definitely not a good practise, since every single modern browser has some sort of popup blocker.

But what happens when we **really** need to display a popup ?.

Well, what Google fellows do is basically display a modal layer, preventing you from clicking anything below this layer. Thanks god, there are few interesting opensource options that already solve all the quirks you might find while dealing with tons of different browsers.

I’ve been playing with few of them, but since i’m a big jQuery fan, i got to pick fancybox… an html5 popups library, for free. How does it look?… well, just like this:

Fancybox is a jQuery plugin that allows you to display stunning in-window popups, with just few lines of code. It adds an overlay on top of your webpage, and its look and feeling is very OSX!.

I’m pretty sure there might be better solutions. But what i particularly love about this html5 popups framework is that it’s incredibly easy to implement. Just a couple of lines, and that’s it. Clean code leads to better results, in every single aspect.

Check it out, and leave your comments!.