OSX Users have enjoyed FileValult for quite a long time. It’s Apple’s standard tool to encrypt a whole volume. And it’s pretty hard to crack!.

But it has few weak points. You cannot encrypt a folder, or a single file. And once you’re logged into your mac, you’ve got access to all the files and folders stored within your user.
Maybe you share the user with someone else. Or maybe you simply wanna backup encrypted data, and you think that PGP isn’t a good alternative.. or you just wanna try something new!.

The TrueCrypt guys have built an incredible tool, which, by the way, is open source and free. It simply allows you to create ‘virtual encrypted drives’, and mount them as if they were external devices. The User Experience is pretty much the same as when you plug in a pen drive.

So… c’me on! check it out!…: http://www.truecrypt.org/