Twitter iOS SDK

I recently had to integrate one of my apps with Twitter. Let me say you something. I HATE TWITTER guys. Why?. Because everything is soooo complicated. Although there is a direct integration between Twitter and iOS 5, they have made it really hard for developers.

Why?. If you need to post tweets, backend side, you need to ask for ‘Reverse Auth‘ permissions.. and it’s not something that can be done automatically. They have to personally approve this.

So… if you’re like me, stressed dealing with those guys, check this out:

What is that?. A nice iOS library, which implements OAuth authentication against twitter servers. I’m tuning it, just a little bit. There is a ‘PIN’ mechanism implemented right there, which i’m not particular fond of. But besides that, it’ll help you open a WebView as a modalViewController, and authenticate the user into twitter.

Not the best i’ve imagined.. but the problem is solved. My idea is to implement a hybrid. If the user has no credentials stored in iOS 5, then i’ll fall back to this framework. Makes sense.. right?.