Useful Firefox Plugins

Google Chrome is definitely my favorite web browser. It has OSX Lion fullscreen support… it’s fast and lightweight, and Google itself is in charge of pushing it forward. But sometimes it just falls short… you just can’t find a suitable plugin for whatever you need to do. That’s the only reason i have firefox installed in my mac. Even the latest version of FF, release 11, doesn’t support OSX fullscreen feature.

So… let’s stop pointing out weak spots of this browser… and let’s go to the point!. The following plugins make my life easier. Really… so… i suggest you check them out.

  1. Firebug
    Yes… it’s also available for Chrome. But this version has far more functionality than the google counterpart. It’s really useful when you’re developing websites…!
  2. Video DownloadHelper
    Suppose you wanna download FLV files from whatever site you’re visiting. This is your friend!… it allows you to capture videos from a huge list of different websites.

I hope you find this helpful!