Automating file download…!

I really don’t know if we’ll have file sharing services in… say… 5 years from now. Since megaupload has been taken down, and it’s CEO imprisoned, several other file sharing services have begun shutting down their services.

But many of them are still alive and kicking. So… whenever you need to download a huge amount of different files, manually entering the captchas (plus opening the links, one my one) turns into a tedious task.

That’s where jDownloader comes in. It’s a java based, multi platform app, which helps you download files form multiple sources. It has lots of plugins, and gets updated periodically. So chances are… it supports whatever filehosting service you’re using.

It has automatic captcha recognition (at least for several hostings). And if the hosting you’re using doesn’t have ‘auto-captcha-recog’, you’ll simply get a popup with the image itself.

It’s REALLY useful!