Foo Fighters in Argentina!!!

I’ve been to Foo Fighters concert in River Plate. Let me tell you something about this band…. THEY ROCK!!!

It clearly was the best concert i’ve ever been to. It seemed that they actually enjoyed playing. Other big bands, such as AC/DC or Rolling Stones, seem to play just to make money. But they… they took the stage while it was raining. And no, they didn’t have a roof covering them.

They played for almost 3 hours… and we even got Grohl to play drums, which was the closest thing to listening to Nirvana (live) i’ll ever get. THANK YOU!

I just wanna paste here the tracklist, because… i don’t wanna forget about that… ever!.

01 – All My Life
02 – Times Like These
03 – Rope
04 – The Pretender
05 – My Hero
06 – Learn to Fly
07 – White Limo
08 – Arlandria
09 – Breakout
10 – Cold Day in the Sun
11 – Long Road to Ruin
12 – Big Me
13 – Stacked Actors
14 – Walk
15 – Generator
16 – Monkey Wrench
17 – Hey, Johnny Park!
18 – These Days
19 – This is a Call
20 – In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd Cover)
21 – Best of You
22 – Enough Space
23 – For All the Cows
24 – Dear Rosemary
25 – Bad Reputation (Joan Jett cover)
26 – Everlong

Buenos Aires Places: Brew Bars

I felt like i had to post this, you know?. There are loooots of bars in Buenos Aires. But few of them actually have a great variety of beers. I spent most of my weekends, during the past ten years, finding the best places to go.

And it turns out… there is nothing like staying at home. Yeah, i might sound like an old man. But if you go to a bar, you cannot drive for two good reasons. The police might take your car, or even worse, you won’t be able to find a parking spot. Okay, that might sound backwards… but anyways.

If you still wanna go out to a brew pub, i’d like to recommend few of them…

  • Van Koning
    This one used to be my point of reunion for years. It’s a nice place, located in Las Cañitas, Belgrano. They have a wide variety of beers. It’s pretty expensive, though.
  • Buller
    They produce their own beers. Again, this is a very expensive place. But i dare to say, it’s worth every single penny. If you go there, ask them a Honey Beer. You won’t regret it.
  • Antares
    They’re sort of Buller’s competition. They match them in quality, and in price. The huge advantage they have is their locations. You can find an Antares righ there, in Las Cañitas (2 blocks away from Van Koning), and yet another one 3 blocks away from La Viruta. No surprise, this is the place i like the most.


Buenos Aires Places: La Viruta

After writing so much about iOS… Apps…. and other geeky stuff, i though it would be a good idea to write a little about one of the greatest places to visit… (whenever) you step by Buenos Aires.

Tango is one of the greatest assets that Argentina has. It’s an old fashioned musical genre. But let me tell you something you may not know. Dancing tango, actually, is one of the most fun things i’ve don in the past year (or so). It can get pretty technical, tricky, and difficult.

It is said that after a year of practice you actually get to grasp a little bit about this dance. There are many many places to watch tango (or even take lessons). But there is a particular place that has all the lights on. Yeah, i’m talking about La Viruta.

You can learn how to dance Rock’n Roll, Salsa, Tango, and even Milonga. They have a restaurant + bar, and i dare to say that it’s more fun than any other disco you might get to know.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. ‘This guy is oooold’. No. I’m not!.

Retina Macbook Air 15′ ???

Although Macbook Air’s screen size is about 13 inches, the resolution is about 1440×900 pixels. Which is the same resolution as the Macbook Pro 15 inches has. At least, the standard model… you can always upgrade it to HD and you’ll get a gorgeous resolution of 1680×1020.

So far so good. But… Apple seems to be planning a 15 inches version of the Air. What would it mean??. Well… if they include a Retina display, it could mean the end of the Pro lineup. The new iPad has a 9.7 inches screen, and its resolution is of 2048x1536px. So… if my math doesn’t fail, a 13 inches retina display could have a resolution as high as 2744x2058px…. while a 15 inches retina display could be 3167x2376px.

Yeah, that’s basic math. But imagine what would it look like… a 15 inches screen with that resolution!. These days, the only problem of the Airs is… the 4gb ram limit!. HD space can be also a big deal. But you can easily solve that with an external storage.

So… what will happen?. We’ll probably hear more about this in the next few months… i’ll keep you posted!.

iPad 3’s demand “has been off the chart”

Yet another post about Apple’s iPad 3…!!. If you check Apple’s online store, you’ll probably notice that the delivery time for an iPad 3 is about 3 weeks. WOOOOOOW… that’s a looot of time man!!. Usually they ship between 2-3 business days.

I guess… after all… Retina Display is a key feature. At least… it’ll definitely help to get new customers on the line.

That has an indirect benefit to iOS developers. Yeah… that means… a lot of people downloading apps. Well, the whole ecosystem benefits from it. Ain’t that cool?

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