Xcode 4.3.1

If you haven’t done so… go grab the latest release of Xcode. But beware… as soon as you download it, it’ll overwrite your current 4.3 installation. It comes without sdk’s 5.0 and below. So… as usually… i recommend you do that after your looong working journey.

Otherwise you might find yourself stuck watching the download progress bar. No… that didn’t happen to me… i swear!.

Bad thing is that Apple didn’t fix the Refactor functionality, yet. It’s getting kinda difficult to rename class names. For some reason, i keep getting an annoying popup saying that it cannot be done. There are several posts in stackoverflow saying that Dropbox might cause that… but my projects are not inside a Dropbox folder, so that option can be discarded.

If i *ever* figure out how to make it work ok, i promess… i’ll post the solution, right here!

Retina Macbook Air 15′ ???

Although Macbook Air’s screen size is about 13 inches, the resolution is about 1440×900 pixels. Which is the same resolution as the Macbook Pro 15 inches has. At least, the standard model… you can always upgrade it to HD and you’ll get a gorgeous resolution of 1680×1020.

So far so good. But… Apple seems to be planning a 15 inches version of the Air. What would it mean??. Well… if they include a Retina display, it could mean the end of the Pro lineup. The new iPad has a 9.7 inches screen, and its resolution is of 2048x1536px. So… if my math doesn’t fail, a 13 inches retina display could have a resolution as high as 2744x2058px…. while a 15 inches retina display could be 3167x2376px.

Yeah, that’s basic math. But imagine what would it look like… a 15 inches screen with that resolution!. These days, the only problem of the Airs is… the 4gb ram limit!. HD space can be also a big deal. But you can easily solve that with an external storage.

So… what will happen?. We’ll probably hear more about this in the next few months… i’ll keep you posted!.

iPad 3’s demand “has been off the chart”

Yet another post about Apple’s iPad 3…!!. If you check Apple’s online store, you’ll probably notice that the delivery time for an iPad 3 is about 3 weeks. WOOOOOOW… that’s a looot of time man!!. Usually they ship between 2-3 business days.

I guess… after all… Retina Display is a key feature. At least… it’ll definitely help to get new customers on the line.

That has an indirect benefit to iOS developers. Yeah… that means… a lot of people downloading apps. Well, the whole ecosystem benefits from it. Ain’t that cool?

Apple Stocks!!!

This is just UNVELIEVABLE!!!. It was less than 8 months ago when Apple Stocks were about 380 dollars. Then, Steve Jobs passed away….

I wish i could go back in time and buy a couple of them. This is a strong indicator that… these guys are doing great. In fact, if they wanted to do so, they could basically buy all their competition.

Yes… they have enough cash to buy Microsoft and Google, without having issues at all.

So… thing is, what’s gonna happen now?. Will this go on forever… ? or until Samsung finally catches up and manages to sell a nice phone? I’m not saying that the Galaxy S2 isn’t a good phone. But you have to bee a geek to use it almost seamlessly. That’s Apple bigest strength. You can be a newborn… and you can just do anything you want.


WordPress Import Issues

I’ve migrated this blog to a brand new domain. Thing is… i’ve been having lots of glitches and bugs while trying to import the wordpress XML containing all of my posts.

How did i solve it?. Well, it’s probably not the best option, in terms of security. But i had to grant 777 permissions to the folder wp-contents/upload, and the same applies to the /tmp folder.

After that, everything worked like a charm. Besides that, i had lots of issues while trying to install the plugins i’d like to use!. Yeah… permissions again. The easy and quick workaround was to simply upload everything i need, already decompressed, to the folder wp-contents/plugins.

By doing so, i managed to get the plugins to show up in the Plugins tab, in the WP site manager. And… that’s it!