Google Chrome Plugins

Google Chrome’s time has come. I love this browser because… it’s the fastest thing out there. It had a lot of glitches when it was first released. I remember Facebook wouldn’t work fine on it… and of course, i had to fix the HTML of many of the websites i maintain.

But i stil love it. It gets updated in background… and you hardly get to notice it!. As almost everything out there… it’s better when tweaked… right?. So i’d like to recommend three different plugins, available in the Chrome Web Store:

  1. AdBlock
    As weird as it may sound… popups are still annoying these days. Furthermore, websites with ads are the worst thing that could happen to you. At least while you’re surfing the web. Well, adBlock takes care of that. It just locks out popups, and disable the download of annoying banners. Try it!.
  2. Google Docs
    Wouldn’t it be great to access your google docs, without actually having to hit ‘’ ?. Well, Google Docs plugin allows you to access them right from a shortcut placed by the location bar.
  3. Firebug Lite
    Although it’s not a full version… it’s a lite… FireBug is one of the best plugins out there. It allows you to play, realtime, with the DOM. Just click few buttons, and you can tweak almost anything. Sorry to say this, but Firefox version of this plugin is sooo much better…

I hope this helps!