OSX iStats

Apple did a pretty good job with OSX. You buy a new mac… and you get almost everything you need, ‘for free’. Any mac comes with iPhoto preinstalled, Mail, Calendar, Safari and even Garage Band. Basically it covers everything an average user needs to do.

There are really really few weak spots to OSX. I dare to say that… one of the few things OSX lacks is a nice widget to check out things such as the download speed… cpu load and temperature and even uptime. Good news is that there is a nice company called iSlayer, that has a reaaaaally cool Dashboard widget named ‘iStat‘ , which does exactly that.

It’s free… so you definitely don’t have an excuse not to download it. It has two modes: horizontal and vertical. You can tweak which indicators you want (and which ones you don’t want). Plus.. there is an iOS version, too. Go check it out!