OSX 10.7.4 released

Indeed, we got another OSX update. This time, 10.7.4…. which should fix several vulnerabilities out there. It’s over 700 MB, so it’ll take some time to get downloaded.

If you didn’t already update your mac, it’s time you hit the Software Update button in the Apple menu. I really recommend you do it right away… those Flashback viruses have been giving lots of headache’s.

The cool side about this is that we’re getting closer to getting access to Mountain Lion. And no, i don’t mean to say… ‘access to a developer build’. That’s already there. We’re getting close to the commercial release of ML.. which is pretty cool. I bet you they release ML along with the new MBP & MBA lineup (maybe… the ‘Macbook Air Pro’ lineup…?).

The full release log is right here.