Intel to stop making Motherboards!?!?!?


Intel hardware has been always regarded as the ‘most stable’ piece of electronics you could buy. After all, they’re the ones building Intel Microprocessors, so they really know what they’re doing.

As everyone knows, iPads have been dooming PC’s sales for the last couple years, since their introduction in 2010. Early this week, Intel announced that by 2016 they’ll stop building their own branded motherboards.

So, it seems, desktop PCs already have its days numbered. Will tablet-pcs be able to fully replace them?. Of course not. We, developers, need processing power that far exceeds the capacity of ARM chips.

At least in the near future, the common ground prediction is that… final users will rely on tablets for their daily tasks, while developers and it-professionals will still use old fashiones computers.

What do you think?