Guitar Pro for OSX

We, as guitar players, need to constantly practise. Every single day of our lifes. After a certain point… you don’t really need to practise. Your fingers get used to the strings… everything works smoothly.

Personally, i love Guitar Pro. If you’re lazy enough to learn songs by yourself, there are just ┬áplenty of tab resources everywhere…

Maybe the best feature that GP has is the ‘speed trainer’. You can set up the initial Beats Per Minute, the number of loops, and the speed increase in each round. So all you need to do is to hook your guitar up to an amp, and hit the strings.

Besides that, the second major feature i love about this app is the ‘scale transposer’. You can easily transpose a song to any key you wish.

Go get it here!. Although it’s not free, there is a free trial in there, so you get to check it out before spending cash in it…!