Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel


Google has just announced they’d be releasing a new iteration of their chromebooks. They’d call it ‘Pixel’, because they want the pixels, literally, to disappear.

It has a 12.85 inches screen, with a stunning resolution of 2560×1700. That’s beyond Mac Retina… well, just a little bit. Furthermore, it has a touchscreen built with Gorilla Glass display.

Hardware?. Intel i3 running at 1.8ghz, 8gb of ram, and 32gb of flash storage. Not much, but you need to consider that this notebook has been built to work in the cloud… so you wouldn’t be storing, locally, documents.

Personally, i don’t like it. I’m not comfortable with the idea of not having my documents stored in my own machine. Furthermore, at a 1200 dollars price tag (for the wifi version), and 1400 for the 3g capable, i believe that local storage should be far beyond 32gb.

I’ve tested the previous version of the chromebooks, built by Samsung… and let me say just this. It’s less useful than an iPad, but it has a built in keyboard. So, if you’re still interested in buying this device, i strongly suggest you take a look at an iPad + Keboard. You might find it interesting!.