Coda 2 for OSX

Time has come to write few lines about Panic’s fellows. This week they have released an awesome tool named ‘Coda‘. For those who never heard about it, it’s an html editor. I’ve tested TextWrangler, TextMate, BBEditor, Sublime, just to name few. But this one has everything already in there.

It has svn / git integration, and it’ll also allow you to upload your new websites to Amazon S3, or any webhosting you might be using.

Furthermore, if you buy it through the AppStore, you’ll get iCloud Sync. Which means that your website-credentials are gonna be stored safely in Apple’s backends.

These days i’m not thaaaat into HTML editing. But i’m using this dude to do my svn commits (i don’t like Xcode’s svn integration… haven’t you noticed?).

If you’re looking, by chance, for an HTML editor for OSX… just give coda a try. You won’t regret it. They even have an iPad version..!