Adding Adsense to your blog

This is probably trivial to everyone around, but i’d like to share it anyways.

  1. Signup for an account here:
  2. Wait till you get the first ‘Site in Review’ mail.
  3. Once you got access to the Adsense main page, hit ‘My Ads’, and create a brand new ad.
  4. Copy the source code for the ad!.
  5. Install the required plugin…
    1. If you’re using WordPress, i suggest you try this plugin:¬†
    2. If you’re using Blogger, just hit the settings, it’s already integrated.
  6. Setup QuickAdsense (or Blogger). If you dare, you can always simply inject the ad-code yourself.

No matter what, please, remember the adsense guidelines. It’s pretty simple… don’t click your own ads, and.. don’t steal content!. That includes youtube music videos, and piracy.

Got it?