Fixing ‘Text in UITextField moves up after editing’ glitch

I’ve recently come across this glitch in iOS: Text in UITextField moves up after editing (center while editing).

Long short story… when you end editing a textField, if you’re using a custom font, the text might move up. (If you get this glitch). Well, it turns out that this is a font specific problem… it’s not in your code.

So… how will we solve it?. TTX!. In this previous post we explained how to make TTX work in your 64 bit mac. So we’ll begin from there.

[cc lang=”bash”]
Decompile your font. (ttx font.otx will do the trick).
Find the section
Find the attribute, and set it to 0.
Recompile your font. (ttx font.ttx should work).

Try it. If that doesn’t work, you can try changing the ‘ascent’ attribute to 940, and ‘descent’ attribute to -260, which are the values that MuseoFont has.

That worked for me…!