Switching t2.micro > t3.micro

Okay… incoming boring post, so that i don’t go insane searching for this.

A. Verify you’ve got ena support:

[ec2-user ~]$ modinfo ena
filename:       /lib/modules/4.14.33-59.37.amzn2.x86_64/kernel/drivers/amazon/net/ena/ena.ko
version:        1.5.0g

B. Install AWS CLI

C. Figure out your instance ID:

$ aws ec2 describe-instances

C. Verify the current status of EnaSupport:

$ aws ec2 describe-instances --instance-ids INSTANCE_ID --query "Reservations[].Instances[].EnaSupport"

D. At this point you should probably stop the instance!

E. Enable ENA

$ aws ec2 modify-instance-attribute --instance-id INSTANCE_ID --ena-support

F. Verify it all went well:

$ aws ec2 describe-instances --instance-ids INSTANCE_ID --query "Reservations[].Instances[].EnaSupport" [     true ]

G. Switch to t3.micro in the AWS web frontend.

H. Start the instance. The driver should be vif:

$  ethtool -i eth0
driver: vif

Ref. #1#2

Fixing my KitchenAid Fridge!

This post is… pretty much, a note for my future self. I own a KitchenAid fridge (late 2006: KBLC36FMS), and thing is, it started constantly beeping.

Nope. It’s not the door’s sensor. It’s not the water filter either. Odds are: the compressor is unable to start.


Diagnose Mode

Push for 3 seconds both, the Reset Filter Percent and Power, and the fridge will get into diagnose mode.

There are two numeric displays in the fridge, and… this handy table will help you read the status of each one of the components.

Diagnostic Chart

You cycle thru steps by pressing the Reset Filter about 3 seconds. That’s, pretty much, how you confirm it’s the compressor!


Fixing things up!

Thanks to this super handy post, i learnt that it’s a bad relay, along with a failing capacitor (hey Steve, if you ever read this: thank you SO much!!!!).

For this fix, you’ll need:

Things are quite straightforward. You’ll need to replace the second relay from the left, along with capacitor C32.


I seriously hope… future me remembers this is posted in my blog. Maybe in 13 years i’ll need to replace the same parts, yet again!!