SVN Help!


svn copy https://your_svn/your_project/trunk https://your_svn/your_project/branches/your_branch

Reverting a commit

This is really handy when you need to revert a commit, for whatever reason.

svn merge . -r (REV_TO_BE_REMOVED):(REV_TO_BE_REMOVED - 1)
svn commit

Creating and Applying Patches

Suppose you are working on a machine ‘A’, and you wanna apply the same changes you currently have, in a machine named ‘B’. But … suppose that you didn’t finish, so you cannot actually perform a commit.

You can simply capture the difference… and apply it in the target machine… this way!:

svn diff > ugly_bug.diff
patch -p0 -i ugly_bug.diff


svn merge -r (FROM_REV) : (TO_REV)   SOURCE   TARGET

Finding Branch’s first revision

In order to merge a branch back into trunk (or vice-versa) you need the ‘from rev’. This will help you to get it, really easily.

svn log --verbose --stop-on-copy



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