Facebook Chat with iChat

Let’s face it. Microsoft MSN is outdated, and the Mac client sucks. Adium… is pretty decent, but i got bored of it. So… where’s everyone chatting?.

Yeah. You got it. Facebook. Everyone is wasting their precious time with Facebook. Personally, i don’t like FB. But if you just wanna chat with friends of yours, who don’t use Skype, you’re pretty screwed up.

Good news!. You can use FB chat with iChat.. so you don’t need to use that ugly web interface. You don’t even need any kind of weird bridge… iChat can hit directly FB’s servers, since they’ve built their chat platform to work with Jabber protocol.

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Go to the iChat menu and select “Preferences.”
  2. Click “Accounts,” then click the “+” at the bottom.
  3. Select “Jabber” from the pull-down menu, then enter the following info:
    Screen Name: <your Facebook username>@chat.facebook.com
    Password: <your Facebook password>
  4. Click the arrow next to “Server Options” and enter the following info:
    Server: chat.facebook.com
    Port: 5222
    (Uncheck the box labeled “Use SSL”)

I just LOVE iChat…. Apple’s flagship chat app. And… i’m not even using iChat… i’ve done this with Messages, the new OSX app from Apple.